Darkness Rising: Start the series at 99 cents

Darkness Rising is a Featured Deal today on Bookbub today. 99 cents gets you the ebook introduction to The Catmage Chronicles!

Darkness Triumphant, Book Three, in release now!

Darkness Triumphant, Book Three of The Catmage Chronicles, went on sale last week. And Amazon has finally linked it on the series page. Let’s take one more look at that beautiful cover, shall we?

Book 3 is live on Amazon

Print and Kindle versions are available. It will take a couple of days to settle into the series page. I’ll be adding the B&N and Kobo versions later. Also, I’ve joined Draft2Digital and will have the ebooks available in the iBookstore.

Buzzfeed your books!

A friend of mine decided to write about The Catmage Chronicles in clickbait style. “I thought I knew cats and magic. Then I opened this book and WOW! You won’t believe it!” “I’d read a book before, but what this author did in chapter five – SHOCKING!” “When he opened the laundry room door, what this cat did next was AMAZING!” I like it. But for some reason, I really want to click on a link.

The latest cover art for Darkness Triumphant

Julie Dillon just keeps getting better and better. Click to embiggen.

A happy new year to you all

2014 ended nicely for me. My free promotion of Darkness Rising on Amazon got over 2,000 downloads. Readers are already adding their reviews and buying book two. It’s a lovely way to end one year and begin another. An emailing service called BookSCREAM (@BookSCREAM) picked up the promotion, and I’m guessing about three quarters of my downloads were due to that. So thanks, BookSCREAM, and my fellow authors, keep an eye out for them. They’re an up-and-comer worth watching. Happy […]

Book One is free through the end of the year

Darkness Rising: Book One of The Catmage Chronicles is free on Amazon from Dec. 29-31. Tell your friends! Don’t have a Kindle? Doesn’t matter. Amazon has a free Kindle app for your phone, tablet, or even desktop computer.

Book two, on sale now

The paperback is not yet available at Amazon, but it is via my CreateSpace store (you’ll have to pay for shipping). It should be on Amazon soon. Here’s where you can buy the book: Update: The Amazon paperback link added to the top. Darkness Ascendant: Book Two of The Catmage Chronicles (Volume 2) Darkness Ascendant – trade paperback at CreateSpace store Darkness Ascendant on Kindle Darkness Ascendant – Nook version Darkness Ascendant – Kobo version

Darkness Ascendant on sale soon

I spent many hours today tweaking and testing the electronic files of Darkness Ascendant. I’m waiting for the various publishing sites to okay the files. If all goes well, they should be available on Amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo either late tonight or tomorrow. And ohmigod, I do not want to look at another book publishing screen for at least a week. Of course, I’ll be checking them all obsessively until the book goes on sale in all […]

Nearing the finish line

Just uploaded the second version of the cover for Darkness Ascendant. I knew the first one would fail, but I thought I would find out if it would fail for more than just an incorrect spine width. It did. So now both items are fixed–I hope–and I should wake up tomorrow morning and find out if it’s time to order the proofs. Here’s hoping.

Monday, fun day!

(The title is a lie.) The weekend went by far too quickly. And also with many swears. I was trying to put the finishing touches on the cover of Darkness Ascendant. I failed. I reached out to a couple people I know. I hope to have it done tomorrow, because the ebook is done now and I’m just waiting on the cover before I can get a proof and send the little fledgling out of the nest. Just about everything […]

B&N epubs now available in the U.K.

U.K. customers can now get The Catmage Chronicle epubs via Barnes & Noble. Nook Press just opened up to some European countries. I’m on Kobo as well, so if you don’t live in the U.S. or the U.K., just click here for a copy.

A sneak peek at book two cover art

Julie Dillon worked her magic again, and the cover is phenomenal. It’s in the final stages, but here’s what it’s going to look like. Can’t wait to see the final product. In other news, the writing is moving forward. I expect a March publishing date.

Status Report

The writing is going well again. The holes in the middle of the book are starting to be filled in, and the buildup of the end chapters is, well, building up. Now I’m at the part where I discover what’s going to happen myself. It’s an interesting thing about writing. You plot the story, make an outline, even write a few paragraphs of a scene, and then when you write the full scene you sit back and go, “Where did […]

The status of book two

I’ve been updating The Catmage Chronicles Facebook page, but it occurs to me that I need to keep all six of my blog readers up to date. I got off track in recent months, but things are better now. Book two will be out no later than mid-November, and if I can get it to you earlier, I will. Julie Dillon has sent me some sketches for the cover art, and it’s her usual outstanding quality. When I have an […]