Proofing the ebooks

Publication date is drawing near. Testing the mobi and epub versions!

Haiku makes everything seem better

Over on a FB group titled Children’s Books, we’ve been experiencing a little spam lately. (Okay, maybe more than a little.) From some bozos wanting us to pay for Amazon reviews to people insisting they can teach us how to make $5k a month on Kindle. It’s annoying. But when one of the other group members put up poetry in response to the latest spammer, it made me realize that we could answer the annoyances with–well, I chose Haiku. KU […]

Darkness Ascendant on sale soon

I spent many hours today tweaking and testing the electronic files of Darkness Ascendant. I’m waiting for the various publishing sites to okay the files. If all goes well, they should be available on Amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo either late tonight or tomorrow. And ohmigod, I do not want to look at another book publishing screen for at least a week. Of course, I’ll be checking them all obsessively until the book goes on sale in all […]

This is why you should read the Terms of Service

I keep up with news on publishing and writing. It’s a good habit for all writers to get into, and it’s pretty easy to set up a personalized Google News view. I saw an article today detailing a company called Blurb getting into ebooks. So I dug around on the site to see what was up. They claim to give you a higher profit margin than Amazon if you sell your book through them. Blurb Direct Sell allows you to […]

Status Report

The writing is going well again. The holes in the middle of the book are starting to be filled in, and the buildup of the end chapters is, well, building up. Now I’m at the part where I discover what’s going to happen myself. It’s an interesting thing about writing. You plot the story, make an outline, even write a few paragraphs of a scene, and then when you write the full scene you sit back and go, “Where did […]

Coming soon: Free ebooks with print edition

Amazon is instituting a program called Matchbook where publishers and authors can bundle their ebook with their print book for a price of their choice. I have chosen to bundle my ebook for free if you buy the print version. I thought about just dropping the price of the ebook, but a very wise friend pointed out that readers are already paying for the print book. They should get the digital version for free, just like you get on a […]

Business side updates

The trade paperback is no longer on sale at Amazon, though I did see an uptick in sales. Perhaps they’ll run a sale again sometime when more people know my book exists. The posters of the cover arrived on Monday and they are excellent. I’m going to have a friend help me mount them (translation: Sarah will mount the posters while I hand her things if she asks for them), as I am not crafty in the least. And the […]

Waiting on the UPS delivery

Paw prints on the bed

The book should go live as soon as I get a chance to see the latest copy. CreateSpace has shipped it to UPS, and it should arrive tomorrow. I am so tired of waiting for proofs… well, at least now I know the process a bit better.

The Catmage Chronicles Facebook page is now public

Darkness Rising cover

There isn’t much there, but all of you early adopters can go to my Facebook page. It’s public. I’m going to keep my Meryl Yourish account private, so I can keep on talking to my cousins in California about things no one else cares to read. The book is getting very, very close to published. I’m currently waiting for CreateSpace to let me know if I did it right. I’m also in the last phase of proofreading the ebook.

Writing and reading link roundup

What E-publishing means to a country boy: If you didn’t grow up where I did, you may not understand what this means, but it’s worth hearing. I know a lot of people with e-readers who are reading voraciously, who had very little access to books previously. When I was a boy, before we found that warehouse, we had just the books my mother had brought out of her father’s house and stored in a dead, heavyweight 1960s refrigerator that she […]