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If you’re not following The Catmage Chronicles page on Facebook, here are some of the things I’ve been posting there: CHEKHOV’S GUN: I did something in book one that I have every intention of following up on, but it’s been difficult trying to figure out the how of it. Well, that amazing part of my brain that is plotting the novels figured it out today in a way that made me quite happy. Oh, it’s so evil and so wonderful, […]

The Catmage Chronicles Facebook page is now public

Darkness Rising cover

There isn’t much there, but all of you early adopters can go to my Facebook page. It’s public. I’m going to keep my Meryl Yourish account private, so I can keep on talking to my cousins in California about things no one else cares to read. The book is getting very, very close to published. I’m currently waiting for CreateSpace to let me know if I did it right. I’m also in the last phase of proofreading the ebook.