Happy 7th Tiggerversary!

Seven years ago today, I picked up my big dumb fluffball from Wendy’s Feline Friends (head over there and kick in a few bucks if you’ve got ’em). That was then. This is now.

Seven years of Tig 3.0

While writing a check yesterday, the date struck me as familiar. Turns out it was Tig 3.0’s seventh birthday. I picked him up on April 18, 2008, and he was about two months old. A belated happy birthday to my third Tigger, who is currently sitting on the sofa downstairs, looking out the window at the birds. Here’s my boy watching the snow come down on Monday. May we have many more years together.  

A day after Caturday

Of course, every day is Caturday in my household. But here’s one of Meimei’s kitten pictures. It cheers me up.

This… is… Meimei!

I lost Gracie, the model for Goldeneyes, in October. A few days after she died, I found a tiny, half-Siamese, half-tabby female kitten at a local agency. I named her Meimei, the Mandarin word for “little sister” I learned from watching Firefly. And I completely forgot to post about her here. I’ve been writing about her on my political blog, but I’m winding that one down and concentrating on this one now. (Note to self: Copy over Meimei and Tigger […]

It’s the MAY Catmage Chronicles book sale!

MAY is my month. MAY Publishing is my publishing house, and MAY are my initials. And because it’s my month, I have put The Catmage Chronicles ebook on sale at $2.99, and the trade paperback discounted as well. Gracie says: Buy my book! And she should know–she’s the model for Goldeneyes.

16 years of Gracie

Gracie (the physical model for Goldeneyes) turns 16 years old today. She’s arthritic and rheumy and she can no longer jump onto the bathroom vanity, a.k.a. “The Petting Place,” so I lift her up to it these days and place her down on the floor when she is finished drinking from the tap and getting (mostly) enough pats from me. To be honest, I put her down on the floor when I get tired of skritching her, because she would […]

A Caturday evening post

A rare twofer: Tig decided to see if he could get Gracie to play with him. Nope.

Cat pictures. There should always be cat pictures.

Paw prints on the bed

Did I forget to put in pictures of Tig? Why yes, yes I did. It’s a Tigger in a box.

First, Miss Gracie

Paw prints on the bed

Gracie is a fifteen-year-old domestic shorthair that I almost did not adopt. I wanted her brother, a Maine Coon mix, and she was being fostered along with him. When I first met her she was tiny, whiny, and covered in milk that she spilled all over herself. By the time my neighbor’s daughter had taken her home, though, I’d guilted myself into taking her. I couldn’t bear the thought of separating Tig and Gracie when the time came. She is […]