Status Report

The writing is going well again. The holes in the middle of the book are starting to be filled in, and the buildup of the end chapters is, well, building up. Now I’m at the part where I discover what’s going to happen myself. It’s an interesting thing about writing. You plot the story, make an outline, even write a few paragraphs of a scene, and then when you write the full scene you sit back and go, “Where did THAT come from?” or “Oh, I guess that scene isn’t going to work. Oh, well.”

When you’re writing, the words are perfect in your head before they hit the computer screen. And then you sit there and wonder how they changed in the few moments between the thinking and the typing. I’ve always said that if they ever perfect a tool that brings your thoughts into words on a page, writing a book would be a heck of a lot easier. Of course, I would never attach a computer to my brain, so I’ll never find out if that’s true.

In the meantime, my impossible goal is beginning to look possible, and Darkness Ascendant: Book Two of The Catmage Chronicles is getting closer to release.

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