Finding lost friends

I stopped writing short stories a long time ago. Hell, I stopped writing pretty much completely for a long, long time. But now that I’ve been writing novels for the past couple of years, I decided to revisit my finished short stories–some of them with hand-written rejection notes from the editor of Redbook–and see if they were good enough to publish now. (When I say a long time, I’m talking the 90s.) So I went looking for them in my backups, and discovered that I’d screwed up transferring data. Somewhere along the line, I lost my WRITE directory, and many of the stories that were in half-finished or final form.

But all was not lost: I still have my old Sony Vaio with the proper files on the hard drive. I brought it, and some 3.5-inch floppies to work, and one of the techs gave me an external 3.5-inch drive and he pulled the files off the Sony HD and burned them to DVD for me.

The result: I’ll be sending my stories around, and publishing them myself either separately or as a collection.

Reading them last night was like finding lost friends.

And so was getting XyWrite to run, and remembering half the commands. Best rediscovered one (I never got rid of the manual): Typef, which puts the story into print format in a file. I gave each one a .txt extension and can recover everything easily now. Copy/paste into Word, and we’re set!

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