Making lemonade

Well, life handed me a few lemons this week. I was laid off from my day job as a web manager. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I’m getting a little bit of severance pay and they’re going to retain me as a contractor, so there will still be some income coming in. On the other hand, after the initial shock wore off, I found being unemployed extremely liberating. I started plotting book four Tuesday morning and […]

A happy new year to you all

2014 ended nicely for me. My free promotion of Darkness Rising on Amazon got over 2,000 downloads. Readers are already adding their reviews and buying book two. It’s a lovely way to end one year and begin another. An emailing service called BookSCREAM (@BookSCREAM) picked up the promotion, and I’m guessing about three quarters of my downloads were due to that. So thanks, BookSCREAM, and my fellow authors, keep an eye out for them. They’re an up-and-comer worth watching. Happy […]

Eighth Light

And a Happy Hanukkah to all, and to all a good light. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.

Seventh Light

Sixth Light

Fifth Light

Fourth Light

Third Light

First light 2014

Happy Chanukah!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

A happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. Stay safe, and ignore the stories about eating healthy. Indulge for the day. I’m going to.

Spectrum Magazine

Writing in the age of zero tolerance

I’m pretty sure the first story I ever wrote would have gotten me arrested today. When I was thirteen years old, we moved to Maplewood, NJ. There was nothing about the move that I liked. I knew I would once again be the new kid in school (for the third time in seven years), I didn’t want to leave my friends, and I liked where I lived. We were moving into a two-family house with relatives I was certain we […]

Monday, fun day!

(The title is a lie.) The weekend went by far too quickly. And also with many swears. I was trying to put the finishing touches on the cover of Darkness Ascendant. I failed. I reached out to a couple people I know. I hope to have it done tomorrow, because the ebook is done now and I’m just waiting on the cover before I can get a proof and send the little fledgling out of the nest. Just about everything […]

Today’s pressing questions

The most crucial questions of the day, not counting anything involved with publishing book 2, were: Where did I leave the banana peel? Is there a Weinstein film in existence where one of the lovers does not die or get sent out of the country to prevent a wedding? (Miss Potter, if you’re interested.) Where did Meimei hide Blue Stripey this time? It was a brutal day.

Busy lunch hour

Tonight is our annual hot dog and hamburger cookout at my synagogue. A couple of years ago, I volunteered my nifty Coleman gas grill because a) it’s kosher, b) it’s portable, and c) it’s gas. The grill was made for tailgating. The difference in warm-up time between a coal grill and a gas grill means a lot when you’re feeding 20 or 30 people. My contribution (besides the grill) is a plate of oven-roasted potatoes. A friend of mine pointed […]

This… is… Meimei!

I lost Gracie, the model for Goldeneyes, in October. A few days after she died, I found a tiny, half-Siamese, half-tabby female kitten at a local agency. I named her Meimei, the Mandarin word for “little sister” I learned from watching Firefly. And I completely forgot to post about her here. I’ve been writing about her on my political blog, but I’m winding that one down and concentrating on this one now. (Note to self: Copy over Meimei and Tigger […]