A simple, fast preview link

Amazon has added the ability to preview a Kindle book in your browser using a simple link. Share it with your friends! Here’s how to get the link for any of your favorite books. And here’s mine.

Darkness Triumphant, Book Three, in release now!

Darkness Triumphant, Book Three of The Catmage Chronicles, went on sale last week. And Amazon has finally linked it on the series page. Let’s take one more look at that beautiful cover, shall we?

Haiku makes everything seem better

Over on a FB group titled Children’s Books, we’ve been experiencing a little spam lately. (Okay, maybe more than a little.) From some bozos wanting us to pay for Amazon reviews to people insisting they can teach us how to make $5k a month on Kindle. It’s annoying. But when one of the other group members put up poetry in response to the latest spammer, it made me realize that we could answer the annoyances with–well, I chose Haiku. KU […]

Kindle Countdown sale

There are about two hours left to get the Kindle edition for 99 cents.

Kindle Select and the Amazon Prime Lending Library

I’ve just entered Book One in the Kindle Select program, which means if you have Amazon Prime, you can borrow the book and read it for free, so tell all your friends. Book two is still coming along slowly. I anticipate a spring release. Julie Dillon sent me the latest version of the cover and it looks spectacular.

The instant critic

Here’s one of the good (or bad) features of selling ebooks on Amazon: Your readers tell you immediately if they like your book in several different ways. They can tell you with a review, but very few actually rate the book when they finish reading it. However, there’s a marker that’s just as simple to read and also speaks volumes: The refund. You can return an ebook for the first seven days after you bought it on Amazon. One of […]