About Meryl

Meryl Yourish has been writing ever since she wrote her first piece of short fiction in ninth grade. Her first novel in The Catmage Chronicles, Darkness Rising, was published in October, 2012. Book two, Darkness Ascendant, will be out sometime in 2013.

She spent most of her life in New Jersey, moving to Richmond, VA in the summer of 2002, where she spent six years teaching fourth grade in her synagogue’s religious school and discovered that she loved teaching. Andy Cohen looks suspiciously like the Andy that she taught, but they have nothing else in common but brown hair and a slim build.

Meryl calls herself a one-woman publishing house. She has an extensive background in typesetting, desktop publishing, editing, copy editing, proofreading, and web production, as well as a smattering of programming. Her first publishing job was layout, paste-up, and typesetting for a small NJ firm that published seven local newspapers. That background comes in very handy in these days of self-publishing. It took only two weeks of swearing to re-learn Adobe InDesign and use it to design her first novel for print. Sadly, no desktop publishing program has ever managed to equal the old Atex mainframe system.

You can contact Meryl via the contact form, or by email at herfirstname@herlastname dot com.