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About Meryl

Meryl Yourish has been writing ever since she wrote her first piece of short fiction in ninth grade. She attended the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers workshop, which resulted in her first short story sale. Meryl is currently working on the fourth book in The Catmage Chronicles, Darkness Exultant, as well as a science fiction YA dystopia (because the world needs yet another one of those), a romantic comedy, and whatever else comes out of the cauldron of story […]

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Darkness Rising is the Ereader News Today Book of the Day

They did a lovely job. Check out this link to the BOTD page, and patronize their Facebook page as well. The more likes the post gets, the more it spreads.

A simple, fast preview link

Amazon has added the ability to preview a Kindle book in your browser using a simple link. Share it with your friends! Here’s how to get the link for any of your favorite books. And here’s mine.

Early bird sale time!

I’ve got another ad on Sunday reducing the ebook price of Darkness Rising to 99 cents, but here’s the friends and family sale for my readers. The sale is across all venues: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks. Introduce your friends to the world of Andy and the Catmages and their war against the Wild Ones.

Book four news

Past 30,000 words and counting. Darkness Triumphant: Book Four of The Catmage Chronicles will be out in 2016.