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Click the links below to buy the books. Darkness Rising – trade paperback at CreateSpace store Darkness Ascendant – trade paperback at CreateSpace store Darkness Rising on Kindle Darkness Ascendant on Kindle Darkness Rising: Nook version Darkness Ascendant – Nook version

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Book two, on sale now

The paperback is not yet available at Amazon, but it is via my CreateSpace store (you’ll have to pay for shipping). It should be on Amazon soon. Here’s where you can buy the book: Update: The Amazon paperback link added to the top. Darkness Ascendant: Book Two of The Catmage Chronicles (Volume 2) Darkness Ascendant – trade paperback at CreateSpace store Darkness Ascendant on Kindle Darkness Ascendant – Nook version Darkness Ascendant – Kobo version

Darkness Ascendant on sale soon

I spent many hours today tweaking and testing the electronic files of Darkness Ascendant. I’m waiting for the various publishing sites to okay the files. If all goes well, they should be available on Amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo either late tonight or tomorrow. And ohmigod, I do not want to look at another book publishing screen for at least a week. Of course, I’ll be checking them all obsessively until the book goes on sale in all […]

Nearing the finish line

Just uploaded the second version of the cover for Darkness Ascendant. I knew the first one would fail, but I thought I would find out if it would fail for more than just an incorrect spine width. It did. So now both items are fixed–I hope–and I should wake up tomorrow morning and find out if it’s time to order the proofs. Here’s hoping.

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Sample book one

Read the first four chapters of Darkness Rising: Book One of The Catmage Chronicles for free! Click on this link or the tab above. Or get them in epub and mobi formats.