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Click the links below to buy the books. Darkness Rising – trade paperback Darkness Rising (The Catmage Chronicles) – on Kindle Click here for a larger view of the front cover.

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Unsettling science

Not satisfied with overmedicating children for ADHD, some scientists are now saying we should medicate children who daydream. Which means that had I been born in this modern generation, I would have been ripe for being diagnosed with this brand-new “disorder”. I remember doing a lot of daydreaming in school. And yet, I managed to graduate high school and college without being dosed for it. Yet now some powerful figures in mental health are claiming to have identified a new […]

B&N epubs now available in the U.K.

U.K. customers can now get The Catmage Chronicle epubs via Barnes & Noble. Nook Press just opened up to some European countries. I’m on Kobo as well, so if you don’t live in the U.S. or the U.K., just click here for a copy.

A sneak peek at the cover of book 2

The ISBN is borrowed from book one’s cover. I’ll get that that eventually, but I’ve only just finished writing the book. But here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

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Sample book one

Read the first four chapters of Darkness Rising: Book One of The Catmage Chronicles for free! Click on this link or the tab above. Or get them in epub and mobi formats.