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Seven years of Tig 3.0

While writing a check yesterday, the date struck me as familiar. Turns out it was Tig 3.0’s seventh birthday. I picked him up on April 18, 2008, and he was about two months old. A belated happy birthday to my third Tigger, who is currently sitting on the sofa downstairs, looking out the window at the birds. Here’s my boy watching the snow come down on Monday. May we have many more years together.  

This is why words matter

You need to choose your words carefully. This is an actual headline on Bloomberg News. Strangely, the URL has a different–and less confusing–headline. Words matter. North Koreans Walk Across Frozen River to Kill Chinese for Food

Short stories for you

I’m currently editing and rewriting some of my short stories to put up on the blog for free. They’re in PDF format, so pretty much everyone except for that lone holdover with the ancient browser that can’t read PDFs will be able to read them online. I trust that none of my readers are that person. The first story, Rainbow’s End, is here. I’ll add more as I get to them. One of the stories, “Through A Dragon’s Eye,” is […]

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Book three news

Book three is coming along nicely. Expect it out sometime in 2015.